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Lisa Gilchrist

Lisa Gilchrist


Meet Lisa Gilchrist! With over 30 years of expertise in interiors, Lisa seamlessly transitioned from decorating homes to selling them, bringing a unique perspective to the real estate world. As a seasoned professional, she has cultivated lasting relationships with her clientele, many of whom have become cherished friends.

Lisa embarked on her real estate journey just before the onset of COVID-19, experiencing firsthand the dynamic shifts in the market. Despite the challenges, she embraced a crash course in writing contracts and quickly emerged with a wealth of knowledge quickly. With five years in the field, Lisa is proud to be a new addition to Signature Properties, bringing her passion and dedication to the team.

Licensed in TN, Lisa works with a diverse range of clients, including both local and out-of-state buyers and sellers, specializing in various property types. Her love for the real estate process shines through as she strives to make buying and selling enjoyable for her clients. Lisa is particularly known for her personalized service, attentive listening, and making clients feel like they are her only priority.

At Signature Properties, Lisa found a home that shares her values and commitment to helping others beyond just transactions. She believes in giving back to the community, aligning perfectly with the charitable spirit of SP.

Outside of the real estate world, Lisa finds relaxation in diverse activities. From riding her Harley Davidson in the mountains to crafting beautiful jewelry, caring for chickens, and nurturing a vibrant garden, Lisa's interests are as varied as her real estate expertise. And yes, she can grow some gorgeous tomatoes!

Lisa's favorite Mexican spot is 7 Hermano's in Johnson City, where she recommends trying any of the Arroz con Pollo (ACP) dishes, especially the Loco ACP Texas. When it comes to winding down, the Blue Ridge Parkway is Lisa's go-to place for a breathtaking motorcycle ride, showcasing fabulous mountain views one after another. Additionally, she enjoys exploring the local microbreweries, savoring great brews, and delicious food, and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere with music and people-watching. Lisa brings professionalism to the real estate table and a rich and diverse lifestyle that perfectly complements the vibrant Tri-Cities community.

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