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Misty Shiley

Misty Shiley


Meet Misty Shiley, a vibrant real estate professional at Signature Properties whose journey from a dedicated nurse to a passionate Realtor® is inspiring. Licensed in Tennessee, Misty's transition into real estate is driven by her longstanding love for the field and an eagerness to help individuals and families find their dream homes. Though relatively new to the industry, Misty has already made a significant impact, assisting first-time buyers with enthusiasm and dedication.

Misty's choice to become a Realtor® stems from her desire to meet and interact with people, helping them find forever homes that align with their needs, personalities, and aspirations for building a lifetime of memories. Her years of serving the community as a nurse have endowed her with immense patience and compassion, allowing her to listen attentively to her clients' needs and discern what aligns with their dream home vision, often capturing their desires even when they struggle to articulate them themselves.

Her keen eye for detail and ability to pick up on subtle cues make her a valuable ally in the home-buying process. Misty's positive energy and love for life are infectious, making every interaction with her not just a step towards finding a home but also a joyful journey in itself.

Beyond real estate, Misty embraces a holistic lifestyle, engaging in activities that nourish her body, mind, and spirit. She's an avid practitioner of hot yoga, enjoys hiking and has taken up jiu-jitsu, finding it incredibly fulfilling. A lover of cooking, she experiments with vegan recipes, and dedicates time to reading and meditation, seeking balance in every aspect of her life.

Choosing Misty Shiley as your Realtor® means partnering with someone who brings not only a deep understanding and passion for real estate but also a compassionate and attentive approach to every client relationship. With Misty, you're embarking on a journey to find your dream home, guided by her expertise, positivity, and genuine care for your happiness and well-being.

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