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Nick Karshner

Nick Karshner

Marketing Director

Meet Nick Karshner, the marketing director at Signature Properties. With a strong background in digital marketing, Nick brings a wealth of experience to the real estate industry. Starting in high school, he managed social media pages that amassed nearly 100,000 followers before selling them. His academic journey at ETSU, majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing, further honed his expertise. With multiple digital marketing internships under his belt, Nick is well-versed in social media marketing, advertising, and analytics. 

At Signature Properties, Nick stands out among other digital marketers due to his genuine passion for serving people. His goal is to establish a solid foundation for agents to thrive and succeed. What sets Signature Properties apart from other real estate companies, in his eyes, is its familial atmosphere and unwavering values. From the moment he walked into his first interview, Nick felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie. The company's dedication to philanthropy goes beyond financial contributions, making it truly exceptional. 

Outside of work, Nick finds joy in spending time with loved ones, including family, friends, and his girlfriend. As an outgoing individual, he enjoys socializing and has adopted a new workout routine as a means of recharging after work. When it comes to food, Nick's go-to late-night indulgence is a Cookout tray with a spicy chicken sandwich, a chicken wrap, and a quesadilla, accompanied by a refreshing glass of sweet tea. In the Tri-Cities region, he relishes outdoor activities, particularly visiting South Holston Lake during the summer with friends. Additionally, bowling at Holiday Lanes in Johnson City is a favorite pastime, especially during the exciting $5 bowling nights that offer affordable fun for college students and beyond.

Nick's Community Picks

Check out Nick's favorite spots in and around the Tri-Cities area.

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  • Dining

    Main Street Pizza

    "They have the best meatball sub in town!"

  • Outdoor Recreation

    South Holston Lake

    "As a resident of Bristol, I love to go out to South Holston Lake with my friends during the summer."

  • Just for Fun

    Holiday Lanes

    "They have $5 bowling nights and for a group of college kids, you can't beat it."